It’s 9:00 clock. Only I’m not sure, whether it’s morning or night. Feel like a wreck and a half. Seems like, two elephants were copulating all through the night, using me as their bed. Where was I last night? Hey, I think it’s coming back. Went to the disco with Suniti, two tequilas, had a reefer with Ankush and then to the dance floor. Morrison’s ‘Light My Fire’ was blasting on the stereo. Went wild, fell down, got up, again fell down, but unfortunately, on some old Gizmo’s wife. Then it was a free for all punch up happening. Some teeth fell, some blood maybe mine. O, Fuck then I knocked someone senseless with my wine glass. I was sozzled. From then on it was happening in a maze. Someone dragged Suniti and me away; people were shouting, maybe at us; remember being pushed into a car; then vomiting on the backseat and then there was silence. Peace on earth. That’s when I went to sleep. Christ, talk about weekend fun. But, what the hell, where am I? Whose bed is this, and who is that naked girl sleeping beside me? Looks familiar. Hey, that’s Suniti. Gosh, what happened to her clothes and mine? I think we have really fucked it up, literally. Isn’t she marrying Vijay next week, and wasn’t I going to be the best man? Yeah, this was supposed to be a party in honour of her, and the last time we school friends meet, before she gets into conjugal matrimony. Man, the Last Supper has turned into the ‘Last Fuck’. Shit, what do I tell her when she wakes up? How far had we gone? Did we take preventive measures? Definitely not; I was barely able to walk straight, so how could I remember about taking precautions. I just feel like running away before she wakes up. Where to? Maybe to Timbaktu or Iceland. No, I couldn’t be such a coward. Maybe it was all a dream…. No, no I mean nightmare. Maybe our clothes got spoiled or we were feeling hot, so we took off our clothes. Balls! This is all wishful thinking. I’ll never piss up like this again. Why the fuck can’t I remember anything? Aw, Shucks! Who cares or do I?

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