To junk or not to junk – that is the question? Well, the answer is quite clear; in fact there is no other answer. To tell the truth I knew about the answer even before I thought of the question. I have to stone. It’s imperative. When was it? Yeah class IX, after school, the puff of freedom. Get into a real spin, nothing matters, everything’s so peaceful, life’s a breeze. The streets of Kolkata seemed paved with gold. It was more like the Garden of Eden. And, I’m not talking about the fuckin’ cricket field.
Joduar thek or the more Americanised version of “Jo’s – whichever way U look at it, he was our point of salvation in the streets of Kolkata. And believe me this was an anti-inflationary movement. Rs.5 in 1991 and Rs.5 in 2006. U had the poor man’s version “puriya” costing u a mere 5 bucks. Then u had the 12buck packet, graduating to 25, and for the connoisseurs with a strong inkling for the pure stuff and a healthy pocket to boot, you had the exclusive Rs.50 and Rs.100 packets.
Heh, heh, I remember that Friday evening- me, my big bro’ and a cousin. U know, it was a kind of brotherhood of a junk fraternity. Well, as U know once stoned the milk of love and emotion passes through you like a turbo speed jet cutting through the mother fuckin’ blue sky. So it was my duty, my fuckin’ prerogative to reach ma’ cousin home. There was this fuck all level crossing one had to get through. I couldn’t let my bro cross that, stoned that he was. U must be laughin’, thinkin’ look at the junkie talking! Yeah, I was stoned but that didn’t matter, cause’ when u stone u feel confident of anything, why crossing a level crossing, I can cross that god damn Niagra falls if I felt like it. Then, there was that one hell of a day. The day I came (punnily enough!) to know the fuckin’ deadly combination that grass and pussy make together. Until you have experienced it u cannot understand it. It’s a fuckin’ fabulous high.

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